The coolest fisherman on Earth
IS - Craig Tucker

Proof that Craig Tucker is The Coolest Fisherman On Earth CRAIG TUCKER Dear Fishing Enthusiast, there is a reason why this article is called:
The coolest fisherman on Earth - Craig Tucker - Please read on...


Is it Craig Tucker?
The Coolest Fisherman On Earth!

Why ask this?  Since Craig Tucker is not a big name professional fisherman, it would seem that just asking the question is interesting.

However...  If by some fluke  thinks that Craig Tucker is the Coolest Fisherman on Earth, well  I think it would be pretty cool!   However, when you're not yet rated and you are The Coolest Fisherman on Earth you've got nowhere to go but up...

Ask yourself, "Where would we be on this Earth if not trying to be the coolest fisherman?   I am sure top professional fisherman would agree.

Some more stuff for those of you still reading.  As you can see, there are many people trying to rank for "The Coolest Fisherman On Earth."  It is suprising that I am even in the top ten pages.

But yes, I am shooting for that elusive number one spot!  I will be checking Yahoo too.   But with hundreds of people trying to rank for this, I guess the underlying factor that makes me number one is simple, Craig Tucker really is the coolest fisherman on the Earth.  Thanks for reading!


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